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Sergio Valen Fucks Romeo James

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Sergio Valen Fucks Romeo James
Studio: Broke Straight Boys
Video language: English

Remember back in the day when your math teacher taught you about axioms? Here at BSB we have a few of our own. If a model is taking off his shirt when the video
starts, expect sparks to fly.
Sergio Valen and Romeo James are relaxing on the bed. As the cameraman talks to the lads, Sergio is unbuttoning his shirt and Romeo is pulling off his. When the cameraman
notes Sergio's fancy cowboy boots the stud gives a great answer.
"Figured there was going to be some riding going on this week so I had to get myself a nice pair of boots."
Today's script is simple. Sergio will be giving it to Romeo in his hot little butt
"Easy does it," Romeo says.
Neither boy has been doing much.
"Fucking dudes. Making money," Sergio answers.
"Rolling blunts. Licking cunts," Romeo notes.
Hold on. Romeo has one more line for the day.
"Time to make Jesus cry," he announces.
And with that, they lads put their underwear on the floor. Sergio leans over and manipulates Romeo's rod.
"Get this puppy nice and hard," Sergio notes. "How does that feel?"
"Good," Romeo groans.
With that, Sergio opens his mouth and takes in Romeo.
"Suck that cock," Romeo orders.
Sergio does so. He keeps his focus on the head, getting it slick with spit. His own tool grows from all the meat sucking.
Soon the sounds of slurping and groaning fill the studio. The two share a brief smooch before Romeo goes down on Sergio.
"Suck that dick. Put it down there," Sergio advises as Romeo tries to deep throat the pole.
Romeo licks up and down the thick shaft, as he blows away. All of this effort makes his eyes water. There's one more passionate kiss before the fucking.
"Why don't you get on your back," Sergio asks.
Romeo does so as Sergio lubes up. Sergio slowly gets his tool in, raw, but once he's in the hard fucking starts. Romeo will have to get used to the monster soon.
"Take that shit," Romeo moans.
Sergio pulls his bottom's legs apart and stuffs that man hole. Balls deep.
Romeo curses as he gets plugged. Sergio leans in to put some kisses on that dirty mouth.
The boys switch things up; Sergio takes a seat so Romeo can go for a ride.
"Sit right on Daddy's dick," Sergio says.
Romeo does so, but Daddy Sergio doesn't let his bottom ride. He takes control and fucks, filling that boy pussy up. He must be doing something correct because
Romeo's hard rod bounces around.
There's another round of kissing before Romeo returns to his back. With his legs in the air, Sergio pounds down with heavy strokes. Romeo's load lands on his stomach. Sergio,
the kindly top, pulls out and strokes his junk above Romeo's open hole. The first few jets of cum enter the cave, and the rest dribbles in.
"It's just raining cum," Romeo says after both stop with the heavy breathing.
Stay for the post-scene antics. They'll make you smile.

Format: mp4
Duration: 23:07
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 1774kbps
Audio: 156kbps

Sergio Valen Fucks Romeo James Sergio Valen Fucks Romeo James
Sergio Valen Fucks Romeo James Sergio Valen Fucks Romeo James

Sergio Valen Fucks Romeo James
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Sergio Valen Fucks Romeo James

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